About Atlas Machine industrial

ATLAS MACHINE Company has started its work since 1370 under the name of “NOO HAGHIGHAT Industrial Group” with the aim of building, development and optimization of stone processing machines. Commitment, service guarantee, experience of industry professionals, high quality manufacturing, and precision in the installation and best delivery time and appropriate after-sales services has made it one of the most prominent manufacturers of stone industry machines over the years.

The need for the stone processing industry to make advanced and modern machines for producing quality products and exports, has led the company to step up with the ever-increasing scientific level and efforts to optimize machines and design modern machinery has taken a long and steady step towards the manifestation of these goals.

ATLAS MACHINE Company started the development of products with research and development in 2013 with the aim of constructing gang saw machine with the hydrostatic guider and designed and produced the first saw machine with this mechanism in Iran.

At present, ATLAS MACHINE Company with a portfolio of high quality and competitive products, has gained the right place and increased share in the market of this industry and has been able to provide new quality of devices and services throughout Iran.