Slab Polishing Machine


A full-automatic Slab Polishing with 8 to 16 spindles is ideal for rubbing marble stones up to a width of 210 cm. All details are carefully designed to provide high performance.

Advantages and features of this device include:

  • High quality sub and low consumption of polishing abrasives.
  • Designing the polishing bridge Structures using modern engineering software to optimize the weight to strength ratio
  • Design and manufacture of top quality polishing table with high strength and low vibration
  • Fully automatic PLC and HMI display with easy user interface
  • Precise and fast control of the height of the abrasive grooves from the strip with modern control equipment
  • Pneumatic circuit with fast response by using European pneumatic parts
  • Use of European and Japanese electronic sensors and components
  • The use of ribbed PVC multi-layer strips
  • Use the solar gearbox to move the bar with the lowest seating
  • The use of prestigious European brands in the selection of standard mechanical components

Specifications of the Slab Polishing with 8 to 16 spindles