Bridge saw


ATLAS MACHINE bridge saw is for cutting marble and granite slabs.

ATLAS MACHINE bridge saw is provided in two general models with the ability to be mounted on concrete foundations and can also be installed on metal foundations. Of course, the advantages of a metal structure are high strength and stability, which is recommended to prevent machine shake, as well as this, makes it easy to install and move this structure. The bridge saw has a fixed table and rotary head, which increases the accuracy of cutting the stone and creating precise angles in the final cut. This bridge saw has the ability to cut the thickness of 200 mm.

The ATLAS MACHINE bridge saw sets are presented in three different types:

فرز دروازه ایی اطلس ماشین

First type:

In this bridge saw type, a head is just provided for cutting at two fixed angles, which is   used for cutting slabs into squares and rectangles. In this case, the disc does not have the ability to cut in other lines and another angle.

Second type:

In this bridge saw type, the head has the ability to cut at different angles and the angle of the head is electrically controlled, the head also has the ability to cut curves and different geometric shapes. This bridge saw is designed to have the ability to angle the disc to fillet the edge of the rock and is adjusted manually.

Third type:

In this bridge saw type, like the second type, assumes Atlas production, with the difference that in addition to that the disk angle is also electrically controlled (five-axis automatic degree of release)